Sunday, 11 August 2013

The agony and the ecstasy...of the reno.

So, our reno is chugging along.  We are totally happy with our builder, we love our foreman, the subbies are awesome and the apprentice is a cutie.  

But the flooring guy mucked us around, so despite everyone else's hard work, we're left with an old floor that's ready for a new floor, but has to wait another week (at least) for it to arrive and be installed.  This has had far reaching impacts, pushing the kitchen install (originally 1/2 August) to 5/6 Sept.  

I was pretty annoyed at first.  But what can you do? Now it won't be all done by Christmas.  But at least we're not worrying about whether it will be done by Christmas or not, because we KNOW it won't.  If you know what I mean.  

So here are a few photos, just to keep you updated.  If you don't give a hoot about our renos, please click away immediately and come back tomorrow.  

Even though there are no new floors yet, we have beautiful new doors, an amazing new floor plan and the most astounding set of external stairs.  

I'm not complaining.  I may have whingy moments but then I slap myself and keep on trucking. 

New main bathroom all tiled, just waiting for  bathroomy things.  

Once was spare room/bathroom, now 'good' room with bifolds to north.   Can you see the portaloo?

All our beautiful wooden doors at the back.  Bifolds, sliders, louvres.    And no floor, as you can see.  

The stairs!!  Stunners!  And a new deck coming out from the new rumpus.  It's awesome...

The reverse view of above, looking out through the rumpus  to the pool area and new deck.

So, there we are.  It's mostly excellent, and occasionally frustrating.  It's always dusty, and there's no yard for the kids, and I'm starting to dream of the day we can move downstairs and into our new living spaces.  

We are excited.  But guardedly so.