Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What would Future Bec say?

See! 5 to 2.  That's it.  So simple yet so hungry. 
So all of Term 2 (9 weeks) I've been doing the 5:2 diet.  Can I call it a diet? I'm not sure if we are supposed to call it a diet.  Not when I'm supposed to be telling my kids it's just about eating healthily all the time.

So, if my kids ask, I've been doing the "5:2 eat more healthy all the time not diet".

Many people are doing this diet.  You discover this when you mention it in your local cafe and about 5 people turn around and nod.  Usually they are in the cafe over-eating because they fasted yesterday or they are eating a big lunch in preparation for fasting tomorrow or they are in collecting their small skim coffee and getting the hell out before they accidentally eat all the food in the joint.

I have spoken to people who have lost buckets of weight.  Plus, regular fasting is supposed to repair your damaged cells (brain? liver?) and do all sorts of wonderful things.  But I, after 9 weeks of abstinence on Mondays and Wednesdays, can only offer you two measly kilograms.  And my short term memory is still shocking.

That's a lot of starving for not a lot of result.  Unlike the great Weight Watchers success of 2005 which changed my life.    And I'm not doing that again unless I really blow out hugely.

So WHY?  Why does it work for Richard Glover and my friend's Dad and at least two of my girlfriends from school and not for me?

Well, the only reason I can think of is that I eat for Australia on the other 5 days, completely negating the effects of the fast.

So as I sitting here, writing and starving, with really cold feet (poor circulation due to advanced age or a fasting side effect?) I have to ask myself, why?

Well I'm excited to say I think at least part of the answer lies in an article I read recently, found on Kelly Exeter's blog.

It's by a guy called David Cain and it's called 'The elegant secret to self discipline'.

The major premise is that with every action your present self takes, you are either making life harder or easier for your future self.

For example, Present Bec drinking too much Champagne on Saturday night (because she's having such an awesome time) has the potential to make Future Bec a sad lady on Sunday.  Now that's a short term example, but there are decisions you can make now which will affect the you that are years in the future.

Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes not.

So every time I spend a day fasting and wanting to gnaw my own hand off, I think of Future Bec.  Will she be glad I did this?  And a few times a week I go for a run or a boot camp class to make me stronger and fitter.  I thought I was doing it so I could do up my jeans, but I now realise I'm also doing it for Future Bec.

This girl is clearly thinking of her future self.  Otherwise she'd be eating a Mars Bar.  
And I guess, if it's a case of Future Bec being able to get around in her advanced age better because she isn't gigantic and she can remember her own name, then I'm willing to sacrifice 1500 calories once or twice a week.

Plus I have to make up for all the times Teenaged Bec and 20's Bec spent not giving a f**k about poor old Future Bec.   I've got my work cut out for me.

Photos courtesy of tungphotos and stockimages