Monday, 17 September 2012

It's raining fish. In Martin Place

It is not every day your child performs in Martin Place.

In fact, if you'd asked me just over a week ago, I would have said it was very unlikely any child of mine would ever do so.  But I was reckoning without the State Dance Festival having a special showcase of dances every lunchtime during the week long event.  And our little Fishies and Fisherman were chosen, possibly because they really are just simply too cute.  And it's a bloody good dance.  Not that I know what I'm talking about.

To jog your memory, here is Sarah in her fish costume.

So last Tuesday, while packing a temperature of roughly 39.5, I made the journey to the city with a couple of other Mums, so we could enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

The city was busy, it was lunchtime.  The sushi was twice the price of the suburbs.  Issy kept Mum hopping and holding other people's hands and in my decrepit state, I kept losing her and freaking out.

Mike made the journey from his office.  So did quite a few other Dads.  We stood around outside the MLC centre waiting for 1pm and sizing up the other acts.  A group dressed as Egyptian mummy's and explorers.  Another lot in polkadots and another group dressed in their pjs.  They didn't look happy.  Our fishes and fisherman tried to be good, they really did.  But while the pj clad group sat quietly on a tarpaulin doing a wordfinder puzzle, our lot screamed, yelled, did complex handclapping games and played raucous games of cards.  We pretended not to notice.

Finally, it was 1pm, we were on first, they danced, they pranced, the fish were caught, the PA system worked and we all clapped mightily.  As well we should cause they are fabulous.

The grand finale, Sarah is orange fish blob, at back centre right.  

And that's it.  I have a kid who has performed in Martin Place.  With 23 other brightly coloured kids.  She then went on to perform that night, and twice on Friday.  We are a leetle tired of the fish but it's over now.  And we have a great costume for Halloween.

PS. The above photo is not taken by me, but by my fabulous nameless friend.  Lets call her L.  She has both talent and a digital SLR, both of which I have not.