Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween: I have no strength left to fight it.

I went to the $2 shop today.  You know why.  

I wasn't going to.  I fought for a long time.  But after Sarah had asked me for a headband that makes you look like you have a knife through your head about 100 times.  I gave in.  

Here is what it looked like.  This is just one part of one wall.  Maybe 1/8 of what was on offer. 

All the horror was a bit paralysing.  

I didn't find the knife headband here.  I found it in another shop.  And it's more of a stake through the head look than a knife.  But she's happy.  She's chopped up a pair of black leggings and is planning on being a zombie.  

We (they) have decorated the front garden.  Faux cobwebs hang from the hibiscus bushes.  Skeleton hangy things dangle from the front gate.  One was sitting fetchingly on the DA sign but it got moved.  Not sure by who, our front yard is a bit of a mosh pit after school, and is often invaded by friendly troops.  

But my absolute favourite decoration is 'George'.  We carved him out this afternoon.  This is to say, I had nothing to do with it, and when my usual Monday helping with kids person couldn't come today and her son came instead, I decided I had the perfect man for the job.  

And I was right!! Look at him.  He's a treasure. George that is.  So is A, our teenage pumpkin carver. Plus! our house comes with pre made spooky tattered curtains to frame him in. 

George in daylight.
I've put a torch inside him rather than candles.  This is how George looks now.  Fabulous no?  

George in the dark.

And there is the spooky moon.  Nearly full.  It's almost enough to make a girl lose her cynicism.  

Bring on Halloween.  I'm ready.