Monday, 25 February 2013

Brought together by chance, and glad of it.

This is not us.  But it sort of is, cause mother's groups are same same but different. 
Mother's Groups.  Some love 'em, some hate 'em.

I've had a great experience with mine.  We met, nearly 10 years ago in Balmain, at the early childhood centre.  Cradling our tiny 5-6 week olds in our arms, we went around the group, talking about our babies.  The only information we gave out about ourselves was our names, at that point, we had ceased to be important except as an extension of these tiny wondrous beings.

We talked about them, how much they weighed at birth, now, whether we had natural or Csection births, how they fed/didn't feed, slept/didn't sleep, smiled/didn't smile (Sarah refused to smile until she was 8 weeks old, I thought she didn't like me).  I even asked the group if they thought that too.

A mum with twins arrived about 15 minutes into our first session.  We all looked at her, with her massive double pram with two tiny precious morsels inside and looked down at our single babies.  I realised every trouble or worry I had was doubled in her case.  I felt immediately guilty and resolved to be her friend.  I don't think she liked me quite so much at first (perhaps I tried too hard, or maybe I'm just annoying?) but I won her over with sheer determination.

To this day I count her as one of my best friends in the world.  She is a champion.  She lives in Melbourne which means I don't get to see her as often as I like but it's a fabulous place to visit.

Anyhoo, after 6 meetings at the Centre we graduated to cafes, taking them over with prams, rocking, patting, feeding under discreet muslins.  Drinking coffees and eating muffins (we were breastfeeding so it was non calorific).  We met at each other's houses, as time went on and the babies became mobile, in parks, we went out together for dinners, and left our babies at home with their Dads, we went away on a girly weekend.

And we talked and talked and talked.  About everything.

We celebrated group birthdays and Christmases.  We have graduated from presents from everyone to everyone, to Kris Kringle, to buying a poor kid in Cambodia a goat.

Out of an original 12 or 13, there are 6 of us still in regular contact.  In three weeks we are meeting for a weekend away to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  Between us we have 13 kids.

And tonight I'm off to dinner with the Sydney contingent.  Two still live in Balmain with one child each, the other pair of us have three kids each and are firmly planted in the 'burbs'.

I am incredibly lucky to have these friends, and we've seen each other through many ups and downs, happinesses and sadnesses.  I look forward to the next ten years as our babies become adults.

What?? Adults? Jaysus!

The thought of all those tiny babies being 20 fills me with enormous fear.  Luckily it's 10 years away.