Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Humble thankfulness.

Thanks to all the kids teachers- we have had the best teachers this year and I am GUTTED that it's over.  And not only their class teachers, all the other ones, science, singing, sport, scripture, the admin staff, support staff, Simon the lollipop man, the whole shebang.

Thanks to all the music teachers, sax, piano, the band conductor and the super amazing Mum who was this year's band parent liaison.  Words fail me.  And we all know that almost never happens.

Thanks to every person who either managed or coached a team any of my children were on.  Netball, rugby, touch football, tball.  You are all mind blowing and amazing.  I have not yet managed or coached a sporting team.  The thought of doing so fills me with dread and I know one day I'll have to stump up.  I don't believe you can ever thank these people enough.

Thanks to the Mum who faithfully organised a joint present for EVERY boy kid in our class who had a party, ensuring many of them received a voucher of excellent value instead of many individual bits of plastic and many of us never had to go shopping for the aforementioned plastic bits.

Thanks to the Mum who picked up my saxophone playing child EVERY Tuesday and Thursday for THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR so she (I) didn't have to carry the sax to school.

Thanks to anyone who drove my children anywhere.  Or picked them up, or took them on outings, or were kind to them, or told them off when they deserved it, or had them for a play or a sleepover, or fed them, or comforted them if they were hurt or sad and I wasn't there.

Thanks to my parents in law for spending a weekend with the kids so Mike and I could spend one communicating and looking at each other instead of high fiving one another in and out the door as we shuffled from one activity to another (mostly child related).

Thank you to anyone who drank champagne with me, if you invited me to your house to drink it, thanks for having me (us). If you drank it at my house, thanks for coming.  You know who you are.  I love youse all.

Thanks to anyone who had our family over for any type of social occasion.  Because there are 5 of us and we are loud and noisy.  And we love to get out and about so we usually say yes to all invitations.

Thanks to my kids for being themselves, just as hard as they can, every day without fail.  And for the kisses, hugs and snuggles.

And finally thanks to my husband, because it's our 14th wedding anniversary today and I love him.  And I'm pretty sure he loves me although I'm sure it's hard sometimes.  I gave him a bus roll print with all the places we've lived together.

And finally, thanks for where I live, because I can look at views like this, five minutes walk from my house.