Sunday, 22 September 2013

The nearly finished reno.

Nearly kitchen.  No running water is cramping my style. 
I nearly have a new house.  Downstairs anyway.

Nearly lounge.  The couch is here, just not assembled.  
I have a nearly kitchen, a nearly bathroom and a nearly lounge room.  A nearly rumpus and a nearly laundry.  So close, we can almost move in, but not quite.

This week is one of touching up paint, carpet laying and a bit of Caesarstone.  And finally, a plumber to give me running water and a gas stovetop.

I have lovingly cleaned the stovetop but it remains inoperable.

We have given the ovens a trial run and cooked pizza in them for some friends last night.

We are seriously contemplating cowhide barstools.  They are so soft and cowy.

I am beside myself.  Mike is too, but not so much about the cows.

Front door with awesome 'mud cupboard' to the right.  

I can't wait to stop cooking in a kitchen with 1 square foot of chopping space, with light so dim I keep mistaking my finger for a chorizo sausage.

It's got light and benchspace, but no running water as yet.  
I can't wait to throw out all the crap old furniture.

We even have a new (unassembled lounge).  So close and yet so far. 
I will miss the views from the top floor which we won't see for 3-4 months.  They are sparkly at night.

I have very little to complain about.

Nearly bathroom. 
BTW it's school holidays.  Fun? I think so.  We are planning for beach, horseriding, Luna Park, cricket camp and even the Opera House for some kultcha.

What do you think of cowhide barstools?  Be honest, and brutal.