Sunday, 8 September 2013

To my darling girl.

Dear Sarah,

I'm so proud of you.

You left the house this morning before 9am and got back after 6:30pm.  It's a Sunday.  Day of rest...not.  You were ready for family breakfast, and ready for touch football training straight after.

At breakfast, you played with your cousin, your brother and sister.  You were patient and kind and fun.  Then you made friends with the girls from the next table.  You approached them, found common ground in gymnastics and did tricks with them.  I watched you from the corner of my eye, making sure you were ok.

But you were fine.

You are so confident, and sure of yourself.  I love that about you.  I envy it, truth be told.

You joined in touch football practice despite us getting you there late.

You missed your presentation day for netball where you would have received a big trophy, and a big cheer.  You went to your gym comp instead.

Delayed netball trophy photo. 
At the gym comp, they gave you a red ribbon for your floor routine, then they took it off you and gave you a green instead.  You were gutted, but you were dignified and kept your cool.

Gym comp ribbonage. 
You ate dinner in the car, backed up with toast at home and now you're fast asleep.

You're so small and big at the same time.  This breaks my heart and fills it with joy.

I'm so proud of you.  You have guts, you have persistence, you have confidence.  You're not the best gymnast, or the best netballer, or the best touch footballer, but you give it a red hot go.

You're awesome.

You've had a massive day but you kept smiling til the end.  You have school tomorrow.  Sleep tight my angel.

Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS. All the x's in the world aren't enough for how much we love you