Thursday, 31 January 2013

Acts of stupendous laziness

Lazy, I am.  I'm so lazy, I can't even construct the first sentence of this post properly.

I love a short cut, easy street, the quick fix, a no brainer.

I hate the person who said "to every complex problem, there is an answer which is simple, neat...and wrong".  Oh Come ON.

What a spoilsport they were.

The following heinous acts of laziness exemplify my attitude.

Often when cleaning up the bazillions of little crumbs which escape from the bottom of the toaster, instead of thinking "Gee I must open that little trap door thingie and give it a good clean.", I think "Stuff it, I think I'll just get another toaster".  And I would.  Just watch me.

See, stupid crumbs.  Always the crumbs. 
Instead of cleaning the terrible ink stain on the couch cushion, I just flipped it over.  Unfortunately this revealed the terrible red wine stain, so I'm in a bit of a bind there.

(I'm afraid I can't bring myself to photo the ink stain,  it is the worst thing I've ever seen)

I had to ask my husband where the vacuum cleaner was.  It's been six months since I've used the damn thing.  He didn't know either, but together we found it.

There he is!! Was hiding. 
The towels hanging out to dry on the balcony from the pool swimming of the last couple of days are still out there, waving limply in the rising wind, saturated from the rain.  I have no intention of bringing them in any time soon, and am hoping Mike will crack first.

Talk about your contrasting weather patterns. 
Despite knowing training for Coastrek is crucial, knowing it's possible we will have to walk 50km in rainy, windy weather and it wouldn't hurt to practice in it, on Sunday I rolled over and went back to sleep, utterly absolved of guilt, after replying instantly, in full agreement to the text message that came in at 6am suggesting we cancel.

Like we'd go out in that.  
And finally...back when toilet training the kids I would often just throw out soiled undies rather than deal with the revoltingness of rinsing and washing.  Heck I've thrown out entire outfits.  I don't think I'm alone here.

 (It would be totally sick to show you a photo of this, presuming I was sick enough to have anything to photograph).

There are more, many more.  But I think that's enough embarrassing revelations for one day don't you?