Monday, 21 January 2013

I am Lego genius

Our boy loves lego.  He's been obsessed since he was about 4.  Maybe 3.  He was all about Thomas the Tank Engine from about 14 months until 3 1/2, then Ben 10 for a little while, but since he turned 4, Lego has been his abiding passion.  He loves it all, but reserves special passion for Star Wars, with a bit of a sidetrack to Aliens, Ninjago, Monsters and recently, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  

City and Castle have never held his interest.  Not enough fighting.  

Mike mainly puts it all together.  A Lego lover from way back, he doesn't mind sitting there finding tiny pieces and inserting them into impossible configurations.  But sometimes he hits the wall.  Josh is getting better, but he gets frustrated and gives up. 

And so, unfortunately for me, the Lego- Mines of Moria Josh received from Mr Claus has remained unassembled for nearly a month.  Until today, when I finally cracked and told him I'd do it.  

Talk about tedious.  All the bits are tiny, and you really can't tell where it's all going for most of the assembly.  Its only at the end you can say aaaahhh, and realise you were indeed all along constructing a column, a set of doors or (in the case of Star Wars) a massive spaceship thingie.  

By the time you have finished, your Lego fanatic has shown himself to be a bit of a lightweight because usually he's mysteriously vanished, only peeping back in occasionally to ask how things are going.  Distant shooting noises indicate he is staying close enough to keep an eye on things, but not so close that he might get recruited.  

And of course, by now, I have a personal vendetta against the damn thing and won't get up until it's done.  And can't get up anyway cause my legs are asleep.  

So it started like this, lots of grey stuff in a bag. 

Tipped out, it looks like this.  Note coffee in corner.  Josh kicked it over about 30 seconds after photo was taken. 

45 pages of instructions.  FORTY FIVE!!!  I was catatonic by the end.
But look! I did it.  Not bad?
And finally, the finished product.
The box came with a dirty great giant troll, carrying a massive club.  I suspect this is 85% of the reason Josh wanted it.  It also came with quite a few little figures, including a Frodo and a Legolas.  And lots of weapons like axes, swords and daggers.  It's Josh heaven.

Now I just need to get on with the puzzle you can see in the background.  It's a map of the world.  300 pieces.  Yes, he's abandoned that too and yes I am obsessed.