Thursday, 17 January 2013

Six weeks, it goes faster than you think.

With less than two weeks to go of the holidays I am beginning to realise there are about 50 things I'd hoped to do (told myself we would do) that just aren't going to happen.

Luckily we have managed to do a fair bit of fun stuff, so I don't feel like a complete waste of space.  But each year I tell myself as the big summer holidays approach, that these are the things we need to do to really make our holiday time special, more fun, more relaxing.  Every time, the reality falls short.

They are almost always the same goals, or a variation of them.  I must subconsciously really want to do them.  But I never do.  

1. Let everyone stay in their pyjamas all day.  The big one, the holy grail of holidays. Often spoken of wistfully mid term.  

We're yet to do it.  We've always had to go somewhere, or someones absentmindedly dressed themselves.  Mainly we have to go somewhere, because I get twitchy if I stay home too long.   

2.  Sit with children and play in a focussed way with one or several of their Christmas presents. 
LEGO® Lord Of The Rings™ 9473 The Mines of Moria™
Lego: Mines of Moria lies on the dining table in lots of tiny pieces, waiting for me.  Poor Joshie had to give up after the first bit because it was doing his head in.  Can you imagine what it's going to do to MY head.  But I promised.  Maybe tomorrow.  Underneath that are two puzzles we started before Boomerang which we have only done the outlines of.  Sarah's big jewelery making kit is sitting on her desk.  Mainly gathering dust.  

3.  Surfing lessons.

If I had my way, this would be Josh.  He thinks not.  
I so wanted the kids to do surf lessons.  Josh especially is very wary of the ocean and I just think that having hair like that and not being a totally gnarly surfing gansta is a bit of a waste of hair.  So I'm forcing him out there whether he wants to or not.  Just not this week cause we're a bit busy.  Or next.  And then school starts...shit. 

4.  I was hoping for extra time to spend with the kids, reading together, listening to Sarah do some holiday saxophone practice, playing games, and just hanging about.  

The housework has not gone on holidays.  Everything still needs washing, dinner still needs cooking.  So every time a kid asks me if I can play Sky Landers, play with sticker books, come in the pool, take them somewhere, I have to stop filling the washing machine, unpacking the dishwasher or destroying the mysterious ants nest that appeared in the microwave while we were away.  Then I have to refuse them.  Usually I do it crossly, especially as the day draws to an end and they've spent the day asking me 50,000 questions, each.  And yes I KNOW I'm supposed be so much nicer, let the housework go and spend time with them.  

5. Go to the beach all the time.

It doesn't have to be this beach, which is a bit special, and far away.  Any beach will do.  
We all did this when we were away, but back at home I just don't do it enough.  We live walking distance from one beach and less than 10 minutes from about 10.  So what if I just had the car detailed and it's blissfully sand free? I need to get them out there.  And get the vacuum out later. 

Right, I have my five goals, still outstanding.  We have 12 days left of holidays.  Go me.