Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Five things I'm simply not ashamed of.

1.  I went to the IGA and bought more than 2 things.  Quite a lot more than 2 things.  So I didn't have to schlepp down to Coles.  I know I have been ripped off.  The strawberries were on special.

2.  I let my kids watch TV on a school morning...because I wanted to wash my hair in peace.  And they're knackered.

3.  I let an acquaintance absolutely trash the school Josh might be going to for quite a few minutes before telling her Josh had been offered an interview (her son wasn't offered one- hence the diatribe).

Actually I might be a bit ashamed about that one. Her efforts to backtrack were painful to watch.  I should have stopped her at the first sentence.

4.  I spent quite a bit of yesterday throwing out toys my children will never play with again.  Apart from a slight sentimental twinge, it felt great.  And they are in no condition to go to Lifeline.  They are trashed.  I may do this next week with the stuffed toys which I'm sure will cause a ruckus.

The toys are hiding under the building materials because I am sneaky. 

5.  I went shopping and bought clothes.  I almost never do this.  They are nice clothes and I like them.  I am better at clothes shopping than I used to be (and this shopping spree was assisted by an extremely kind and equally honest friend) but I'll always prefer shoes and handbags.  There are never any nasty surprises with my foot size.  And handbags are a no brainer.

Anyways, I'm not ashamed.  I needed clothes and now I have them.  I am still on the look out for black ankle boots and new winter pjs.

Mmmm ankle boots.  From The Iconic.  My current favourites. 

The older I get, the less I worry about what other people might think.  I feel confident they're too busy worrying about their own shit, to worry to much about my inner turmoil at too much convenience store shopping or a bit of morning TV.

I hope I'm right.