Monday, 29 April 2013

MovieWorld, or How to hemorrhage money without really trying.

MovieWorld is, apparently, Hollywood on the Gold Coast.

It's not.  Trust me.  Actually, I think that tag line is maybe from a few years ago.

When we arrived we were firstly amazed by the number of cars entering the car park.  Every single one had NSW number plates.

More like NSW on the Gold Coast.

Hold on to your hats people. 
I hoped to find MW a little quiet because Qld and Vic holidays were over, but the New South Welshpeople more than made up for this.

There were queues, to park, to enter and for all the rides.  We lined up for a 4D experience of Ice Age Three (the dinosaur one).  The fourth dimension consisted of seats which shook, and water (I hope)  sprayed all over the audience when one of the characters sneezed.  It was a little underwhelming.

Next, we watched a stunt car show with a lot of explosions and flying cars.  Issy didn't cope well.  The rest of us loved it.

An ice-cream as big as his head. 
Post ice-cream happiness.
We went to Willy Wonka's for chocolate.  We went to Sweet Treats for ice-cream.  We didn't go anywhere for fairy floss because I finally put my foot down.

Pre roller coaster happiness. 
We had two goes on the dodgems.  I love the dodgems.  I believe I am a dodgem prodigy.  Issy was supposed to be driving ours but I quickly snatched the steering wheel from her and smashed my other two beloved children all over the enclosure.

Still flying high on adrenalin, I dragged them we went to the Wild West ride.  Every theme park has one of these.  It's the ride which can start in any manner of ways but always ends with you flying down a steep descent through water, in some type of log contraption.  You always get wet, but it's kind of fun.  At least I thought it would be fun, until Issy started screaming, just after the contraption started going backwards. It was only for a few seconds, but it was quite unexpected and sent her over the edge.  I spent the rest of the ride holding her into her seat as she repeatedly tried to escape into the Wild West landscape.  It was only at the end, during the downward water spraying part, that she began to enjoy herself again.
Issy was not so happy just before the Wild West ride.  Her instincts were correct. 
We waited 25 minutes for a rollercoaster that lasted 40 seconds.

The 40 second rollercoaster.
We saw Batman, Scooby Doo, Catwoman, Marilyn Monroe (twice), Austin Powers, Bugs, Daffy and many others who I have blanked from my memory.  And I don't have any photos because the kids refused to go near them.

It was wild, it was crazy, it was fun.  And my goodness it was expensive.