Monday, 22 April 2013

Of a beautiful boy who rocks my world.

BC.  Before curls.  
Once upon a time there was a little boy.

Actually that's not true.  Right now, there's a little boy.

He has blonde curls and blue eyes.  And his smile blows my mind.

He's a bit rough around the edges.  He's the biggest homebody I've ever met.  He's refused trips to the zoo, to waterworks and sleepovers, because he "just really likes being at home".

He's very different to both his sisters.  He talks less, for one thing.  He's left handed like his mother, and he prefers soft cheese to hard, like her (me).

New bike.  With gears.  And bonus sisters.
He has (thank the stars) inherited his father's sporting ability.  On the rugby field and the tennis court at least.

He's currently addicted to a game on the iPod called Clash of the Clans.  He talks to me about it.  He knows I don't understand a word he's saying.

He is incredibly affectionate to his father and I, fairly affectionate to his grandparents and aunts and barely makes eye contact with anyone else over 15.  This drives me bonkers.

I will never forget the look on Mike's face when he realised he had a son.  If you asked him, he would never differentiate it from the moment he first saw his daughters, but I saw it for an instant, a flicker of pure joy at having a boy of his own.  He loves them all the same, but differently.  He has to, they are different people.  I do too.

Eating an ice cream as big as his head.  
Eight years ago today, we got our boy, our lad.  Despite having an older sister, and having passionately followed her every move from the minute he could roll off his play rug, he showed early interest in boys toys and games.  Once they were old enough he and Sarah would play imagination games like fairy monster people, or deadly snow tiger babies. 

He walked around with a Thomas train clutched in his hand from about 12 months old, but by 3 had given Thomas away for Ben 10, and by 4, Ben 10 was out of the picture and it was all about Star Wars.

I think Josh has more Star Wars lego than any other child in any galaxy, far far away or otherwise.

Happy birthday baby boy.  
He is starting to be more cheeky and talking back.  There's a bit of eye rolling.  Dinner table flatulence.  Even some swearing.  He's testing us out.

He knows how much he is loved.

Happy birthday little dude.  It's been a lovely 8 years with you.  We are the richer for having you.