Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Holey Moley.

Excuse me for the break in transmission.  The Issy post took it out of me.

Thankfully she is better.  Or maybe she is the same and I am better.

I put much value in the act of venting.  And that was a serious vent.

So, here we have holes.  In the hallway.
It has to get worse before it gets better.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  
And in Issy's mouth.

The toothless wonder.
Yesterday it fell out into her afternoon tea orange.  It took a while to find it, because it looked exactly like a seed.  She wrote a long note to the tooth fairy.  Or Josh wrote it, as dictated by Issy, who has him firmly under her spell.  

The tooth fairy had to write a long note back answering all the questions.  In specially constructed handwriting.  The tooth fairy is tired.

Every day, our house has fewer walls.  Every day the builders take longer to re-attach all the plyboard bits for overnight security.   And every morning they open us back up again.  The kids love it.

And I am loving my upstairs flat.  It's small, easy to clean and cosy.  And the view is great.

Downstairs is dusty, holey and dark, due to having no electricity.  It's still full of Acro beams although steel bits are arriving every day and being carefully placed.  For now I'm happy.  Progress is steady and I've even been given an extra 200mm which I've shared between the future spare bedroom and guest bathroom.  Imagine that?  Being given space.

Just like my third pregnancy, my third renovation feels familiar, and I'm increasingly certain that I will never do this again.

I have picked my new front door.  In an act of complete sheepness, I've selected one stolen straight off the neighbours.  

Yes? No?

If it's going to take nine months and we are nearly four weeks down, that's one ninth of the way through.   Talk about time flying.