Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Snippets of total moronic tedium.

Sorry guys. 
The birds spent yesterday in the bathroom.  They had builders demolishing the lower level and the carpet/couch cleaner man to contend with on the upper level and it was kinder just to balance them in the sink.

I cooked a curry.  Assisted by my Clare who helps me every Tuesday.  Without Clare I might fall to pieces.  And I know, if I can cook a curry in my current set up I have NOTHING to complain about.

The first thing Joshie did when he got home yesterday was spill his full bowl of curry onto the freshly washed carpet.

Heavy sigh.

At 3pm on the dot the skip man arrived with his big skip truck to remove and replace the skip that was full of staircase and back deck.  Does he not know where we live?  That you could throw at rock at the school and hit it?  That people consider a park outside my house at 3pm a prize spot?

Does he not know the story of the school mum and the bus driver who got out of their vehicles one fine weekday afternoon at 3:10, right outside our house, the better to rant and scream about each other's poor driving skills, in complete disregard for the traffic banking up in all directions.

The bus won.  Biggest vehicle always wins.  The furious lady did a wild and crazy reverse manoeuvre into a driveway across the road, taking up a good bit of turf at the same time.  I've never seen her again.

So yesterday the poor skip driver took one look at the school traffic, and drove away quickly, returning after 4 to do his business, leaving us with an empty skip.  This morning it contained 1 battered red suitcase.   This is our first instance of unauthorised skip usage.  I'm worried the word is getting out.

The (clean!) couch cushions were still damp in the evening.  So we kind of camped on the floor.

My child most likely to suffer an injury has really kept me on my toes this week, with a turned ankle during the Cross Country race on Monday and a fall on the way to a maths class this morning.

I've had to take her home early both days.  And apply ice and comfort.  And in this morning's case, take her to the doctor in case she had a broken wrist.  X ray has been taken, we await results.  If it's broken, I will eat my iphone.  She's milking it while she can.

While waiting at the Xray place, I made a call to my mother just under this sign.

And after an hour of tagging around with me doing chores I think Sarah was desperate to get back to school.  She is now beside me, doing Mathletics, interrupting me approximately every 90 seconds.

Yearning for pastry. 
So even though they've been back at school for 6 days I've not yet had two child free days in a row.  I have extremely high hopes for Thursday and Friday.

Tomorrow is my day to shine and be very productive, I can feel it.  After I finish helping at the Mother's Day stall and in Issy's classroom.  She has started reading groups.  She is in Koala group.  I hope this is not a reference to her energy levels while at school.  Knowing Issy, it's unlikely.