Monday, 6 May 2013

Random acts of unexpected kindness.

I'm totally feeling the love. 
Today someone bought me a cooked chook.

Someone else picked up my biggest kid and took her to early dance practice.

I helped marshall the Cross Country race at school.

The entire afternoon's carefully laid plans went to pot several times, but were saved, and everyone got to where they should and home again.

Someone's friend came for a playdate.

The neighbour's little boy dropped over for a visit (on his balance bike), but we had to send him away as we were on the way out.  We promised him a proper tour of the premises as soon as possible.

I dropped a couple of kids to soccer, and another couple to gym.

Someone picked up my kid from soccer and the other from gym.

Four families have invited us for dinner sometime.  Because we are living in close quarters with limited facilities.

The weekend we were moving upstairs, another family invited us over to share their dinner (at impossibly short notice).

We cannot reciprocate.  They know, and still they give.  We will have to be like elephants and have long memories.  And make 2014 the year of the dinner party.

(I am also approximating an elephant due to a problematic addiction to choc honeycomb pieces.)

We are living in a whirlwind of kindnesses by our friends.  And a whirlwind of dust and destruction by our builders.  Soon to be exciting reconstruction once the demolishy bit is over.

The cooked chook is no longer.  We are a hungry family.

Thank you all.