Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Honk if you like scaffolding

Phase 2 has begun.  The top floor.  In order to avoid tramping through the pristine haven they have created for us downstairs, they have built a rather complex scaffold situation.  

It has levels, it has stairs, it has corners.  It encloses the house on three sides.  

I wonder where my house has gone...
 Then, they built a platform over the stairwell.  Then they nailed us in.  We can no longer go upstairs.  And more importantly for my cleaning efforts, the dust will find it harder to come downstairs. It will still come.  It's sneaky stuff.

New temporary platform.

The ending at the top of the stairs.  My new floor is very dustified. 
Once the plywood went on we lost internal access to upstairs.  Now we need to climb the scaffold to get to the top floor.  You need nerves of steel and a head for heights.  And a key.

Just before the final board went into place, I took a photo of upstairs, mainly the floor.  
Now the builder can approach me on his terms, it's no longer possible for me to pop down to see him and ask questions 40 times a day. I have to climb the scaffold which I'm (just quietly) a bit scared of.

I reckon I'm going to text him instead.  That will shit him to tears.

I'd show you pictures of upstairs, which is almost totally ripped up already, but I can't get up there.

They even found the worlds biggest ants nest in the window seat/cupboard in Mikes and my old room. I think there may have been a billion ants.  At least a million.  It was revolting.

The labourer was so freaked out he snatched the Mortein from my hand and sprayed the bejeezus out of them until they were all dead.  He used half the can to do so.  The builder and I just stood there, mesmerised by the revoltingness.


Phase two has begun.  The final phase of my final renovation.