Sunday, 27 October 2013

This I don't know for sure.

Thing I know 1.

Scaffolding is an excellent medium to hang Halloween decorations from.  We now have a bat, two spider webs, a tattered curtain and an inflatable skeleton hanging from the front of our house.

George II is still a pumpkin.  He needs to become a Jack O Lantern and fast.

Part of the scaffolding on the middle level is below my head height.  I have a lump on my head to prove it.

Thing I know 2.

Josh is a curious lad who asks a lot of questions.

I had to do canteen on Friday and Josh was still fairly sick (although whoop free thank goodness).  He came out and watched me cut and wrap finger buns for a little while even though he was banished to the back room for most of the time. He wanted to know about the finger buns, and how I knew how many I needed, and was the bell going soon, and did I used to eat finger buns at school and so on.

Answering Josh's questions is sort of automatic.  Mostly I just try to answer as best I can.  It really doesn't bother me unless I'm trying to reverse park or send a text that needs careful wording.
For a moment we were oblivious to the other ladies in the canteen, until I looked up to see all three of them staring at us.


Thing I know 3.

Game of Thrones.  Is Awesome!

Just discovered it on Apple TV.  Still watching first series.  But my oh my.  It's a bit graphic but beautifully done.

Mike and I are a bit slow on the uptake with this program.  But we're catching up at the rate of two episodes a night.  Watch out.

Thing I don't know 1.

I spent more than 12 consecutive hours in bed last night.  I wasn't asleep for all of them, but I was reading, resting and regenerating.  And I still felt tired.  Am I just really tired or is something wrong with me?

Thing I don't know 2.

My big girl.  She is growing up.  Sometimes I worry about her.  Who am I kidding? All the time I worry about her.  Her happiness is still something I can influence, but not for long, I can feel it.

Thing I don't know 3.

Will my reno ever be done?  I think I'm suffering mid reno slump.  I have absolutely nothing to complain about regarding how things are going but right now it feels like we've always been renovating and will continue to do so forever.