Tuesday, 22 October 2013

No longer a Halloween humbug

George I.  Note ragged old curtains and old window.  Gone.  All gone.  
Halloween is coming, and I'm strangely excited.  I normally hate Halloween so I'm not sure what's going on.  I'm not even in denial.

Tomorrow my Halloween related plans include

1. Going around all the Kindy and year 1 classes dressed as a ghost to advertise the upcoming Halloween School Fun Day

2. Buying a pumpkin to roll as part of the Fun Day obstacle course

3. Visiting the $2 shop to buy large skeletons to hang off the scaffolding

I've been through the Halloween box of stuff.  Cleaned all the building detritus, found the green hairspray, a pitchfork and a super sized spider web, complete with massive fake spider.

Last week I bought a sign that says zombies crossing.

This Sunday our school is hosting a Halloween Hunt fun day.  It's going to be awesome.

I live in hope that this Halloween will be better for Sarah than the great whooping cough debacle of 2012.  
Last years loot and whooping cough infected zombie. 
I also hope the pumpkin survives being part of the Fun Day and we can carve it out and create    George II.

I'll be prepared with oodles of (individually wrapped) confectionary to hand out.  I'll take the kids down the Halloween street in our suburb.  Then we can come back and hand out some more.

I'm genuinely excited.  It's so much easier and more pleasant than dreading it.