Wednesday, 6 November 2013

What Melbourne Cup and Halloween have in common.

Is Melbourne Cup to me and my peers, like Halloween is for the kids?  A philosophical discussion.

My kids start counting down to Halloween months from the date.  They ask me how many days, they talk about costumes, they make me decorate the house and dust off the decorations.  I roll my eyes, and occasionally gnash my teeth at this OTT display of dedication to the collection of sweets and the wearing of grotesque costumes.

With a mask like this it's hard to eat lollies.  
Mostly I roll my eyes at their devotion to it.  And after some nagging, I purchase and carve a pumpkin.

George II.  My own creation.  I'm very proud.
She is not cute, she is very scary.  Don't forget it. 
But wait.

I booked my kids into after school care ONE FULL YEAR before Melbourne Cup 2013.  Ie.  The day after MC last year, when I vowed never to be sitting in my car at 3:05 ever again.

Talk about costumes?  I bought a new frock.  I spoke to my friends about their frocks.  We discussed the weather and how it would impact our frock choices.  When we met on the day, we all had a big frock discussion.  Shoes, fascinators, bags and hair do's also provided conversational fodder.

Two weeks ago we went on a special shopping trip to buy Halloween decorations to hang from the scaffold.

And then last Sunday, we went on a special shopping trip just to buy my fascinator.

Ok so it's not the best shot but it's the only one where I'm alone and not subjecting anyone else to unwanted publicity.
Ok this is starting to become eerily similar.   Just to be certain, here are 5 more similarities that ring true for Halloween if you're 12 and under, or grown women if you have a Melbourne Cup lunch planned.

1.  It is anticipated with a ridiculous (unreasonable some would say) level of excitement.
2.  It's totally no fun unless you're with your friends.
3.  What you wear is fundamental to the entire event.
4.  Overconsumption of the traditional fare can be bad for you.
5.  The next day you might feel a bit wobbly from too much of 4.

It was so exciting and so much fun I want to do it all again next year.  

So I laugh and scoff at the kids dedication to and excitement about Halloween, and yet get completely beside myself at the opportunity to dress up and dine and drink champs with top chick mates.

Hypocritical yes?

The kids don't laugh at me at all, they just take it in their stride.  I really need to take a leaf out of their book.  They are much nicer than me.