Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My Latest Relationship.

Maybe not love, but certainly a strong appreciation.
I am developing a relationship with Sydney Buses.  I have never sought or desired such a relationship.  But one is developing regardless. 

It all started when Josh began catching the bus home from school.  We eased ourselves into it and drove them for two weeks before initialising our master bus catching plan.

Perhaps I over parented a little.  I went into school, walked with them to the bus stop (a teacher is also rostered on for this and sees them safely there every day). I watched them board.  Another new mum was also doing the same thing so I didn’t feel like I was being OTT. 

I waved them off, galloped to my car and raced the bus home, ready to be at the bus stop at the other end. And I was.  And as the bus passed our stop, I saw him, looking out the window at me and his sister, blue eyes wide as he watched us whoosh past him. 

He hadn’t pressed the button. 

The bus continued down the road to the next stop, Sarah raced off to get him.  We were sure he would get off there and walk up. 

Nope.  He stayed on.  I think he thought the bus fairies would come and fetch him.  He stayed on, watched one of his mates get off a few stops further and then was forced off the bus by his other friend’s Mum, alerted by me via text, who climbed on and insisted he go with her.

I have no idea where he would have ended up. 

Actually I do, because it’s happened twice now. 

Last week, he and his mate were supposed to get off at our stop together so I could take them to tennis.  I may or may not have forgotten to tell Josh.  His mate had definitely been alerted by his mum and was trying hard to convince Josh that it was his house they needed to go to.  But Josh is stubborn.  So when they arrived at our stop, they were arguing so much they didn’t get off. 

And a few stops down the road, where they could have disembarked near his mate’s house?  Nope they stayed on. 

I waited, in the rain, across from the bus stop, not having seen them (they are too small).

NOTE: I have been forbidden to wait at the stop itself after the time I climbed onto the bus to search for him.   I know, I know…

I waited and waited and became more and more worried and as I was about to completely freak out, I received a phone call from the bus driver.  He was at Manly, he had the boys.  He said he would wait until I came. 

I love that bus driver. 
I pegged it to the car and raced down to Manly and there was the bus.   Blocking one of only two lanes, at 4:30pm right on the busy street near the wharf.  Cars were backed up to the Pier.  But he wasn’t going anywhere.   In the back of the bus I could see two pairs of hands waving and two baseball caps.  They looked neither frightened nor contrite.  Mainly excited to have the bus to themselves.

Seeing as parking illegally was the order of the day, I parked behind him, raced out, thanked him 50 times and herded them to the car. 

I thought my intense relationship with Sydney Buses was over for the day.  But no.  Because Mike, back from a night in Melbourne, left his suitcase on his bus. 

The absolutely charming and wonderful lady from the Brookvale Depot waived her usual Lost Property opening hours and let me go and collect it at 9:30pm. 

I had been at a Year 1 class drinks but was stone cold sober because FebFast. 

Four nights to go.  And one Coastrek.
And my goodness, I love champagne.  
Piece of cake. 

I love Sydney Buses.