Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Transforming our home. A journey in pictures.

I like words.  Quite a lot.  But this reno has sapped me of words so many times that I am going to let the photos do the talking today.  I've tried to show a few before photos of rooms to really give perspective on how far the house has come.  

We've had tough times.  We've had good times.  We've had set backs and delays.  We're currently waiting for our final joinery to arrive (it's been delayed by several weeks) and be installed before we can move upstairs into new bedrooms.  And of course, the front garden does need attention.  

But, the lion's share is complete.  And we love it.  And we are NEVER doing it again.  

This is now.  You like?  I do.  

This photo just gives me the shivers.  

The old kitchen and dining area.

The new kitchen with island bench. 

Downstairs bathroom for guests and visitors.

The Lounge, in progress and finished.  

Our soon to be bedroom.  

Introducing the "good room".  Dining and living with no TV.  One day a fancy couch.  Not today.  
Our new ensuite.  Nearly done!

My new study.  Still sans joinery but I am patient. 
And finally, one of my favourite things.
The mud cupboard.  4.5 cupboards with many shelves and hooks inside.  1 per child for hats, shoes, bags etc.  1.5 for adults to share.  Has transformed our lives.  

Well, there it is.  It's new, it's improved, it cost more than we expected.  It's still in the same convenient location and NYE fireworks can once again be enjoyed from the balcony.

The last two times we did a reno, we had a sale sign on that house within 2 years.   Please, will someone slap me if I even mention the possibility.