Thursday, 13 February 2014

Could my life be any more mundane if this is what excited me today?

I went to Aldi.  And found it quite exciting.

I've tried to go before, but could never get a car park.  It can become quite competitive on days when the specials come out.

That middle section does my head in. I always buy something I don't need. I nearly bought a caravan cover for crying out loud.

So today I was driving past the Aldi at our large local Mall (having just come from the budget green grocer) and because I was feeling all budgety (need to always feel like this) I turned my car into the driveway.

And immediately found a park.  This has never happened to me before.

So this is what I observed:

It's very quiet.  No muzak.  Not a lot of talking.  I think this is because you have to concentrate.

The first aisle is devoted to packaged processed foods.  This is an aisle that obviously should be avoided and yet I couldn't help myself and picked up a few ready made packaged snacks for the lunch boxes.
Prepackaged, processed goodness. 
The items are eerily similar to those for sale at Coles and Woolies yet just different enough to make you take a second or third look.  This is why it's quiet, because everyone is slightly confused.

Same, same but different? But same.  
There are some items that are also available in mainstream shops.  For instance you can still buy Milo and Coke.  Because some things you just can't mess with.

The fruit and veg section is not half bad.  I think the Coles near our house might be taking me for a ride.

The purchase of 40 dishwasher tablets for less than Coles sells 20 Finish tablets was a major coup.  Time will tell whether the dishwasher agrees with me.

Aldi isn't very big.  And yet it sold almost everything I wanted.  Which makes me think maybe Coles and Woolies are full of a lot of crap that I don't need that's just been put out to tempt me.

Of course it is...der.

Aldi, I'm coming back.