Sunday, 2 February 2014

Arise oh neglected blog

I couldn't write my blog because I was very very busy.  
So in honour of my blogging rebirth I furnish you with a list of excuses for why I didn't. Blog that is.  I told myself these excuses many times.  Kind friends even told me excuses for why I wasn't, when I couldn't come up with my own, so I felt less inadequate.

I'm proud to say I can rationalise for Australia. Here is why I didn't blog for 11 (!) weeks.

1.  It was school holidays.  Please do NOT remind me that my last post was on the 21st of November which was several weeks before holidays began.  It was in the final frenzied, last gasp whirlwind of madness that is late November/early December and I had lost my blogging oomph.  Luckily my drinking, eating, Christmas shopping and socialising oomph's were still going strong.

Aaah school holidays.  Doncha just love 'em. 
2.  I was doing a renovation.  Still am in fact. The use of 'I' is perhaps a little tenuous as I have not lifted a finger physically, although I have been to a lot of materials outlets and made 1000's of decisions. The progress of the reno is (in my opinion anyway) worth a blog post of its own, which I shall provide this week, along with photos.  I think the main point I would like to make is that my house is no longer red.  It is grey.  I would also like to mention I've woken up most mornings of the last 9 months with no idea of which tradespeople would be entering my personal space.  Would it be the 10 painters, who arrive en masse and only speak Spanish?  Would it be Gary 'the swear bear' brickie, whose everyday speech would make your ears curl up? Or Johnnie the overworked electrician who works every single weekend?  

3.  I was too tired to blog. See 2.  It's true, I was tired.  Both my body and soul were tired.  But no more tired than anyone else's body or soul, and certainly less tired than many.

4.  We were away.  Yes but LAPTOP.  Yes but WIFI.  Yes but I managed to keep up pretty well last year.  I even did work last Christmas holidays.  The experience of trying to work while on a family beach holiday last year was so scarring that it caused me to refuse all work for December or January this year.  There are many, many people who can manage to do work and have their kids on holidays at the same time.  I have even been one of these people.  But not this time.  Not this year.

5.  I was reinventing myself/blog.  Well that's a complete lie. As you can see it's not changed in the slightest.  I toyed with trying a new direction but as yet my new direction is still an idea and a few notebook pages of thoughts.   Until it comes together you'll still be able to read the same self absorbed, stream of consciousness stuff I've always done.

Issy mainly needed me for food and sunscreen. 
6.  The children needed me. Yes they do.  These same children can completely take care of themselves for 30 minutes while I write a blog post.  They are not 6 weeks old.  They can feed themselves basic things.  They can read.  They have more toys than any three children should rightly own.  They have friends who can come here to play.  During the holidays we all had a top time together and I was glad not to be distracted by the work or blogging I should have been doing.  At the same time I also ignored them while I read books and articles and stuff.  I just didn't ignore them while I blogged.  Because I didn't blog.

Josh, not needing me.  
In any case, failing to blog isn't a crime. It's not like, failing to pay for your groceries or doing a runner at a restaurant.

No one's calling DOCS (or should that be DOBS) because a blog has been neglected for 11 weeks.

By not blogging I have caused no real harm, only to myself.  Because not having a creative outlet does make me a bit bonkers.  It's like all the words in my head fill up and fill up and whirl around until my head explodes.  When this happens it's not pretty.

Thank you to all the lovely people who said they missed it.  I missed writing it.