Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Five signs I’m turning into a Granny.

Sure I know I'm getting older.  But I honestly think I'm having a quantum leap past middle age and on to the other side.  My priorities seem so removed from the young and frivolous that I fear I'm bound for endless Grannydom.  And I don't mean your Groovy Gran or your Nan who's totally young at heart.  I mean the grumpy kind.

Let's hope time proves me wrong and it's just a stage I'm going through.

Reason 1. On the weekend I drove past several groups of young girls walking to a music concert/festival thingo.  It was a warm, sunny day.  Every single one of them was wearing tiny weeny cutoff shorts and tank tops.  Much leg and midriff was showing.  And all I could think of, was, I hope those girls have put sunscreen on or they’ll burn to a crisp.

Granny anyone?

Reason 2. I love getting up at 6am and having a cup of tea.  I listen to the birds and watch the sun come up.  Sometimes I put out a load of washing. This is after going to bed as early as 9:30 after nodding on the couch for half an hour.  No stamina. 

Such a Granny.

Reason 3. I put warm sweaters in the kid’s schoolbags if the temperature looks like dropping below 23 degrees.  Come ON.  In many countries, everyone is out in t-shirts when it’s 15+ and over 20 degrees is like a heatwave.  Not here where a 15 degree day is the depths of winter.  I’m certainly not helping them when I tell them to put something warm on when it’s not even below 20. 

Just like a Granny. 

Reason 4. I always have tissues.  In the car, in the kitchen, in my bag.  I can always blow a nose, or wipe up a spill.  Except on Sunday when Issy sneezed massively twice (and Issy’s sneezes are to be feared) in church and I had nothing.  I think her shirt will survive the snot we had to wipe on it.  This was just before the thong blowout I wrote of yesterday.  I’ve now learned my lesson and popped a couple into my little wrist purse for just such a moment.  I think I only need to transition to keeping one down my bra or up my sleeve to achieve true Grannydom. 

And finally,

Reason 5. I have a flowery handbag.  It's made of material, not leather.  See!  And I love it and want to keep it forever. 

I love it.  I don't care what anyone thinks.