Sunday, 2 March 2014

The second Trek of Bec (and the Desperate Heightswives)

We nailed the stairs, we trampled the beaches, we CANED Coastrek . 

We so happy.  At Mona Vale.  15km in.  
Aaah Coastrek 2014, such fond memories.  

At the beginning we sped to the Palm Beach stairs and hurtled up them like little mountain goats, avoiding the queues of last year and riding the adrenalin rush as long as we could. 

The weather was cool, and a bit windy. The rain and wind increased during mid morning, and it was hard for a while, but not nearly as cold and treacherous as last year.  By late morning, the rain was gone and the overcast conditions were perfect.

I felt great.   We all did.   We kept being surprised at how great we felt. 

The difference between our mental state last year and this year was huge.  And it proved how much the relentless wind and rain in 2013 drained our mental energy as well as physical.

OK, I’ll stop banging on about how much harder it was in 2013 starting…now!

The beaches were wide, flat and the sand was firm.  Even the horrid 2.5km on soft sand from Narrabeen to Collaroy was, if not easy, certainly bearable. 

Here is the day, broken down by rest stops and breaks. 

We started at 7am:

Picked up at 5:30am and driven to starting point by Splendiferous Support Crew. 

Palm Beach to Mona Vale: Three hours, 15 km. Coffee and Gatorades delivered by Superb Support Crew.

Mona Vale to Dee Why: Three hours 10 km Hot chips at Dee Why brought to us by Superior Support Crew.

Dee Why to North Steyne: 1.5 hours 7 km Blister bandaid changeover by the beach and a refreshing lemonade icy pole.

Queenscliff to Tania Park: 2.5 hours, 12km.  Family jumping madly up and down on rocks.  Sensational Support Crew back in action with added bonus children. Lemonades, bananas and love. 

Tania Park to Clontarf: 45 mins, 2km.  Family magically reappeared and jumped up and down some more, then walked along beach with me.  I do love them.  All talked at once and wanted to hold my hands at the same time.   

Clontarf to The Spit: 1 hour, 1 km.  We shall not speak of this again. 

The Spit to Balmoral: 1 1/4 hour, 3km.  Met by family about 300m from end and walked hand in hand (little bit of argy bargy about whose hand for how long) to finish. 

8pm: Crossed as a team of four, arm in arm. 

We had some aches and pains, some blisters, but at the end I felt awesome.  Well, I certainly didn’t feel bad.

At home my husband (who is a darling) ran me a bath with Radox and in an elegant touch, lit a candle. 

And Febfast is OVER.  OOOOVVVVAAAHHH.  Mike planning curry, red wine and Rugby tonight (the old romantic). 

I hope I don’t get pissed after one glass because that would be embarrassing.