Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel.

Todays preparation for tomorrows road trip: 

Packed self.  

Gave kids a list of things to pack for themselves, with the fond thought of saving time.  

Sent kids to vacation care/tennis.

Off you go my pretties, so I can have a coffee and read blogs pack for our holiday.
Repacked kids bags, one of whom packed no underwear or trousers and one of whom packed just underwear and barbie dolls.  

Went to supermarket, bought lots of 'travel food', and paid over the odds for some really cute little mini shampoos and body wash thingies so I don't have to take the big ones.  Still not sure why I did it.  It's not like I have a baggage allowance.  And I've overpacking madly in every other department.  

Bags now full of appropriate amounts of underwear, shirts, trousers and barbie dolls.
When they came home, asked kids to select a few toys to take. 

The bottom bag is chockas with all the barbie dolls I have already removed once.  My resolve is faltering.
Reduced toys packed by at least half.   

Asked kids to select three DVDs each.  

Broke up World War Three style DVD argument.  

Packed more food than is possible to consume in a 48 hour road trip, let alone a 12 hour one. 

Made vague promise to visit Big Banana.  

Sent kids to bed to allow self to finish packing in peace.  

Finished packing, sat down peacefully on couch to blog. 

The past few days I have fielded responses ranging from the absolutely horrified to the completely blase when I've mentioned I'm driving three kids to Brisbane alone.  This is also the range of responses I have myself, when I think of what I am doing.  

To be honest, I don't know how it's going to go, but I did Melbourne in one trip with them last year and it hasn't completely put me off so I'm going to give QLD a red hot go. 

And if we end up spending the night at the Grafton Motor Inn, well, so be it.  Although I really hope not.