Monday, 23 July 2012

Ramping up for 10 weeks

Aaaah term time.  Nice to see you again.

Self portrait with timetable.
Nothing like the relentless struggle to remember which child is where, for how long, with what food/accessories.

And of course, which car pool is it today?

AND what the fuck to cook for dinner?
Every day, a new mystery to solve. 
After 2.5 weeks of having (mostly) just my children, who weren't going anywhere without me, all day, I quake slightly at the logistics of sending them all off every day to their own individual adventures and then gathering them all back again at the end of the day to feed, bath and bed.

What if I get it wrong?

Yes, I know the chances of going in to kiss Sarah good night and finding someone else's 9 year old in there is ludicrously unlikely and everyone has the same vested interests in getting their correct offspring back to where they belong everyday, and I know it happens successfully every day with unvarying regularity.  But it still amazes me.

So many kids, so many activities, so many plans that change due to illness, traffic, weather, forgetfulness.

I think I just need a few days to ease back into it.  My confidence is low, after the great gymnastics rebooking failure, which means one of my most ingenious car pool situations is now null and void until Sarah can get back onto Monday gymnastics.

And of course it's all fine and she doesn't mind doing gym on Tuesdays instead for a while, but I just wonder how I dropped the ball?  How could I fail to rebook her?  Of all the things to forget, it's her favourite thing in the world.  Bad mother!  Terrible mother!

I am in a low, a slump, the doldrums.  And really, there's no time for such indulgences so I'd best snap out of it.  And I can't even have a drink.  I decided when we got back from the snow that my drinking wine every night holiday habit had to stop, so I'm drinking a lot of sparkling water and cups of tea instead.

I know I'll get over it, I always do.  And if you are reading this and are in a car pool with me, please don't worry.