Sunday, 24 March 2013

A bunch of Showponies.

Every second year we go to the Show.  Because going every year is unthinkable.  Even every second year seems to come around far too quickly.  

We first went the year Sarah was nearly 4 and Josh nearly 2.  We went to the kids rides section and every ride she went on, he went on.  If she loved it, he loved it.  She was like his fun barometer.  

Two Dora the Explorer bags later and a few baby animals and we were done.  

These days they're much more picky about their ride choices. They have to be a bit scary. And Issy won't go on anything.  Or very little.  She is very selective.  

That's them, in the distance, on a mad pirate ship. 
We made an early start, having only 4 hours to spend.  
Ready for action.  9:02am.
Straight to the rides, so I didn't get nagged for them while we did the animals.  

Issy, on one of the two rides she considered suitable.  
Even I went on this one. No idea what it was called.  It had lots of tricky floors that twisted and spun and went up and down.  

We got ripped off on a duck catching game, and then on a fish catching one.   That's $20 I'll never see again.

We went to pat baby animals.  Issy and I both learned why it's not advisable to wear thongs to the Show.  All that sawdust.  I can only imagine what it's soaked up.   

Yuck.  Just...yuck. 
We also learned that some kids really don't like animal nurseries.  Like, REALLY.  So much screaming.  So many parents still trying to get them to pat a goat, when they are hysterical with fear.  Laughing even, like watching their kids in utter terror is funny.  It's a weird world.  

We saw the big dome with the fresh produce.  We saw cake decorating and photos and paintings.  Not enough time spent anywhere due to our time constraints.  Last of all was a showbag each.  The girls both got sunglasses in theirs.  

Loving themselves sick.  
It was a bit of a rush.  And it was very hot.  But we've done it.  And everyone's happy.  Tick that box.