Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cross dressing dolls and parents acting like teenagers.

 While tidying up the horrendous bomb site that is our playroom (soon to be our master bedroom) on the weekend I discovered Isobel had kindly dressed Barbie and Ken for Mardi Gras.   We don't really talk about Mardi Gras much, apart from admiring all the costumes on the news the next day.  And it was Sunday morning so we hadn't seen the news.  So I'm not sure what prompted her.  Just her own head probably.

Unprompted cross dressing.  Don't they look great?
Yesterday morning this was the view from the park near our house.  Utter stillness and peace.  Oh Coastrek if only it had been thus.  

No rain, no wind, no surf.  Perfect temperature.  Rub it in.
 I have a particularly busy day on Wednesdays.  It starts early and finishes late.  Dinner is often forgotten until dinner time.  Yesterday I made the effort and went to buy some.  Judge me.  I dare you.

No vegetables in sight.  Sue me.
Issy has begun a career in soccer.  She has extremely cute little white boots with pink trim and a new mini soccer ball.  She and Josh went out last night after their carbo loading experience to work off some sugar.  
Nothing like a bit of soccer in your nightie.  
I have also realised I often, rarely sometimes say 'whatever' to my kids.  As in, when Josh is still talking about Skylanders Giants or Trashpacks or handball to me after approximately 10 minutes, I say it.  In exactly that tired tone of voice.  Because I really don't care.  I can't blame them for doing it to me, when I taught them can I?

Last night at swimming Sarah was doing her laps and as she neared the centre of the pool she met her friend going the other way.  They stopped,  embraced and had a quick chit chat before continuing on to their respective ends.  They had just come to swimming together IN THE SAME CAR.  Yet they missed each other enough to have a little pow wow.

Also at swimming, Issy wrote I love you mum with her finger in the air while she was waiting her turn. She can write!  At least, with her finger.  In the air.  And I think that's what she said.

It might have been whatever.