Wednesday, 13 March 2013

On the road again...again

I think I'm beginning to be an incorrigible traveller.

I keep driving my kids up and down the Australian East coast.

I know it's mad.  But I keep doing it.

Tomorrow we head south.  In an (possibly useless) attempt to save money, I am driving my three offspring to Melbourne.  In one day.  Not just Melbourne, Barwon Heads.

You see, we're about to renovate (newsflash!).  And I just couldn't justify airfares for all of us.  But I really wanted to go.  So this was the solution.  It seemed a great idea in November.

Anyway, getting all four of us to the airport, onto a plane and off again is really a drag.  I'd rather drive.

Mike will fly in to Avalon airport on Friday after work and spend just over 24 hours with us before we head north (together) on Sunday.  I call the drive: quality time.

I don't know where Barwon Heads is exactly.  Thanks to one of my Coastrek mates who showed me a map of Port Melbourne on her iphone at dinner last week, I have a rough idea.

And in 24 hours I expect to be there.  Such adventure.

Looks pretty. 
We are meeting Mother's Group for a weekend celebrating the fact that we have nearly 10 years olds and nearly 10 years ago, we had tiny, weeny, unfathomable newborns.

And based on her recent behaviour, mine is still quite unfathomable.  Pre teen hormones anyone?

I have snacks, I have DVDs, I have Harry Potter 3 and 4 read by Stephen Fry.  I have a new song playlist and lots of fruit.  I am not against McDonalds.

I have promised to stop at Holbrook to see the submarine buried in the ground.  I still don't know why it's there.

I may not stop to see the dog on the Tuckerbox but it may just prove irresistible.

We've already been.  Do we have to go again?
Did you know, any food eaten on a roadtrip is non calorific?  Bring on Twisties, Kitkats and various other heinous foodstuffs.

Cheese.  Not chicken. 
See you in Barwon.