Monday, 4 March 2013

Miscellaneous First World Concerns

My Worrier For Australia Trophy. 
Now Coastrek is over, I have so much more brain space that was taken up with worrying about how it was going to pan out, would I have enough food/clothes/socks/mental fortitude?

And as you know, the reality was far, far worse than anything I ever imagined, so all that worrying was for nothing.

Now, I have other fish to fry in the worrying department.  I can worry for Australia.

1. I am really worried our birds are a girl and a boy.   I have no idea what to do if one of them lays an egg.  I can't just throw it out after she's gone to so much trouble can I?

By the way, did I mention our birds are called Nibbles and Noodles.  Have you ever heard stupider names for birds in your life?

2. I am worried that Joshie isn't going to get into Aloysius.  Almost as much as I'm worried he is going to get in.

3. I am absolutely terrified I'll be given a start date for the renos and simply won't be ready in time. I have to pack up our entire living floor, retaining the items we will need during our top floor apartment living stage and then remove the unnecessary items from upstairs (like 60 billion toys) and put them in the garage (or, just quietly, in the skip).   We then have to live up there for about 4 months while they destroy and rebuild the middle floor and basement.  Then we move to the middle floor (another worry in waiting) while the top floor is rejiggered.

4. I am worried, every day, that I won't get everyone to where they have to go, and back again, and out again, and back again, with the right equipment, clothing, drink, snack.  This is an ongoing, perennial worry.

5. I am worried my children will reach adulthood without the skills necessary to navigate their way through life.  How many times do I have to remind them to leave the house in the morning with shoes.  Or to remember their lunch?

Are they going to grow up into adults who arrive at work shoeless with no food?

Big worries. HUGE.