Monday, 3 June 2013

It's winter and we have big holes in the walls. Yippee!

Well it's been 5 weeks so far.  There's been lots of banging, crashing, demolishing.  

There's been dust...oh how there's been dust.  And we have nothing but plywood between us and the elements on the first floor.  

The acro beam forest has been reduced to a few stray beams here and there. 

We have lots of steel beams installed in our roof.

The demolition part is (very nearly) over and now it's time to reconstruct.  It's very exciting.  

We had a a bricklayer for a few days.  He was very nice but quite profane.  He would arrive at 7am and immediately begin swearing about the effing traffic and the effing cars and the effing brick delivery guy and so on.  I didn't know which kids ears to hold my hands over.  And I am no wowser.  

He's gone now for a few months til we do upstairs.  Him and his potty mouth.  Apart from needing his mouth washed out, he was a lovely guy.  And it's not as though I don't drop the f bomb because I do, often.  I've just not come across someone quite so free with it for, well, ever.  

Beyond the plywood is outside.   We are undone every morning and closed up each night.   
Last night the wind whistled through the plyboard.  The rain came in.  It lashed our washing machine which is currently residing outside and killed it.

So today our neighbour washed our towels.  Bless her.  Another neighbour has offered her machine for tomorrow.  Goodness we're lucky.

The old lounge room, before the walls.
And today we started to get walls in new places.  You're looking at our main level bathroom (within the frames), and spare bedroom (to the left of the frame).

The dust is still bad.  So bad that Josh can draw zombies in it.  Nice.  

Zombie attack on the TV cabinet.
I dust every couple of days.  Clearly this isn't enough.  But for someone as lazy as me, it may have to do.