Sunday, 2 June 2013

The horse riding party in the rain.

At this time of year, I often reflect on the fate which caused us to have two of our children born within two days of one another (different years of course).   It does make the first week of June quite the adventure.  

We began the adventure today, with a horse riding party in Centennial Park.  Five of Sarah's BFFs (you can have more than one these days), came along for a few hours of horse related heaven.  

Sarah, in her horse phase.  Maybe she will grow out of it soon. Although some people never grow out of it.  Aunty N, I'm looking at you.  

Around the small arena.  NOT as much fun as going around the park.  Sorry kids.
Because it was raining, we couldn't go around the park.  Being very organised (or really scared it was going to be cancelled) I rang on Friday when I saw the forecast and asked what the wet weather protocol was.  They said no worries, if it's pouring they can just go around the indoor arena.  They can have a lesson.  It's totally fine.

Foolishly I relaxed.  Sent an email to the other Mums saying it was on, rain or shine, bought cake mix, icing, toppings, lolly bag stuff.  

Then this morning they rang me at 8:30 and said, sorry, we'll have to cancel, it's too rainy.  WTF??  

Not. A. Chance.  I told them we were coming, because of what they told me on Friday.  Rain or Shine.  

I was accompanied by a friend.  She was calm, relaxed and used to break in horses in her youth.  A very handy person to have along on a day like this, just in case anyone needs breaking in. 

I am a shit photographer.  But you get the idea? 
The stables are old.  I was struck by their architecture.  High arches and beautiful woodwork.  

And horses with superhero masks.  

After a few turns around the arena they came back.  They were freezing.  No-one could feel their hands.  I had to wrap the smallest one in my coat and feed her until she thawed out.

Happiness is...combing the tail of a horse.  Who knew? 
For the last little while they learned how to take care of the horses.  They brushes and combed them, including their tails.

It was warmer inside, and they were happy to just be near the horses.  
Then it was horse lunch.
Horsey num num. 
The girls who worked there were great, and clearly hadn't moved out of their horse phase either.  Because some people never do.  They told us about the individual quirks of the horses.  One of the white ones is so well behaved he has even been in magazines as a bridal horse.

We sang the song, cut the cake, ate party food, tried to stay warm and locked ourselves in a phone box (see below).  The planned for picnic in Centennial Park was not possible, so we went for the casual ambience of the boot and helmet room at the stables.  Classy.  

Finally, we headed back to the north.  And by the time we got home, the fucking sun came out.  Unbelievable.  

The kids had fun.  It was a top day.  One party down, two birthdays and one party to go.