Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Weird questions I'm pondering right now.

1. How many times can you visit the IGA in a day for it to be wrong?  Yesterday I went three times.  A personal best (worst?) for me.  I think at this point, you've bought enough stuff to have warranted the trip to Coles.  But I decided on Monday to stop shopping and run down the pantry supplies because we're going on holiday.   I didn't go today.  But I went to Harris Farm instead.

So far, complete failure.

2. Is it morally wrong to really, really not feel any sympathy for someone with man flu?  And mainly be cross because I haven't got the house to myself?  Apart from the foreman, labourer, apprentice, kitchen guy and electrician working downstairs, I'm really happy being alone during the day.  But it's not happening.  Not today, not yesterday.  I better get my house back tomorrow.

I just wish for once he'd just get a simple cold like normal people do, not a full blown bedridden virus.

3. I failed to send Sarah to an ICAS exam on Monday.  She had to be at school at 7:45.  This is not the kind of thing I forget normally.  But I didn't have it in my calendar, nor on my phone.  And my memory just doesn't cut it on it's own these days.  Can I use the excuse of the birthday party I threw on Sunday?  Or the band festival on Saturday?  I don't think so.  Juggling multiple events is supposed to be my forte.

 I didn't even have a niggle.  No vague feeling I'd missed something.  I just forgot.  Completely.  Am I going mad?

4.  There are too many dancing performances between now and next Wednesday for me to deal with.  Four high ponytails to be created, four strict arrival times, four sets of arrangements for pick up, drop off, tickets.  This is my third year of the dance festival, and I'm still a gibbering mess the week before.  Of course, Sarah is fine.  It's just me who can't cope.

5.  And the totally weirdest thing I'm thinking: sometimes I catch myself wishing that we weren't going to Bali, because I want to be here when the doors and windows are installed.

Isn't that just totally insane?

Don't get me wrong, I still want to go (oh so much), but we're going to miss so much cool stuff while we're gone.  I have not verbalised this madness, and I won't.  I'm just writing it.

We shall not speak of this again.

On the whole, I am tired.  And grumpy.  And I don't want to be nice.  Especially to people with man flu.  You know who you are.

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net