Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Renovation progression and abandonment

So this morning, this happened. 

And look what we took delivery of!!!

 I am completely beside myself with excitement.  Windows!  Doors!

The wood smells delicious.  Like I'm walking through a Swedish Forest.  Or something.

And they've taken the partition away from the loo.  This is a little disturbing.  When I come down the stairs I feel like I should shout out in case someone's on the toot.

What a terrifying thought.

And even more doors.  Which are so big they don't go through the front door.   They had to be lifted over the back verandah.  By about 5 blokes.  Luckily blokes is something we have a lot of at the moment.  Just hopefully not on the loo when I come past it.  

See!  Doors.  You can go in and out of them.  They can slide, fold or just swing.  We have all kinds.  We also have several types of windows.

And so, while these charming fixtures and fittings are fixted and fitted, we are off.  We are abandoning the works for 10 days while we get our holiday on in Bali.  

I am utterly excited.  Because:

This is not our villa.  I would be very happy if it was though.
My feet will be warm. 
I can drink cocktails with my girlfriend.
I can sit near the ocean, or the pool, or go shopping.  
The kids can stop being stuck inside on the top floor watching the rain. 
They can also stop having to go somewhere all the time and just go nowhere except where the mood takes them.  

Actually I wonder how that will go?  We might take a while to settle because we are all a bit fraught.    

And while we're gone the plumber will replumb the something.  Which would have been very inconvenient for us if we had to live through it but as we won't be there, they can knock themselves out.  

And the windows and doors will go in.  And who knows what else will happen.  It will make coming back almost as exciting as going.  Sort of. 

Take care peoplesons, see you in 10 days.  xx  

Image courtesy offpapaija2008/FreeDigitalPhotos.net