Monday, 22 July 2013

Belated posting due to lack of mental fortitude.

I haven't posted for a week.  What a shocker.

There is too much happening in our lives.  It's term 3 again.  I wrote a post about term 3 last year.  I feel exactly the same this year.  Overwhelmed.  Very end of tethery.  Pulled in too many directions.

On the upside, it's nice to refer to something I wrote a year ago.  It means this blog's been going for a while.  Way back in 2012 I was worried about stuffing up the gymnastics car pool.

At least, this time last year, I had a gymnastics car pool.  Today, as it stands, I have none.  Actually I still have one, sort of.  But only on one day.  Which leaves me three trips out of four per week.

On the upside, at least I don't have to remember whose turn it is.

Because it's always mine.

My poor little girl cried and cried when she realised her gym friend wasn't going anymore.  She was shattered.  But once she stopped crying, she determined to keep on gymming.  Bless her.

And she was netballer of the week.  And they're going into the finals (proudness). 
This week I'm at the receiving end of some very kind child transporting and caring activities which I am exceedingly grateful for.  One friend has convinced me it would do her a favour if she took my three kids to swimming for me because she has a knitting deadline.   She has one child at a lesson.  I have three.  She'll take them all and bring them all home.  I am grateful for ever and I hope she knits herself silly.

Issy is being taken to dance every week by the kindest of friends whose reno has progressed so far she has moved into her folks house.  So she has to go to dance anyway because it's a bit of a drive to the folks.  She's taking Issy for me too.  I love her.  Actually I love her anyway.

See?  Why am I grumpy?  Why do I lack energy?  When I have friends like this? I am a curmudgeon.

I could still be recovering from last Saturday, when we had three games of sport, a trip to the airport, one party, one planned playdate and an impromptu one.

I know this is fairly normal Saturday behaviour and everyone does it.  But I think we are all going to run out of energy if we keep this caper up.  I for one, am running out of oomph.

Bushwalkers in full adventure mode.  Fighting trolls or orcs or something. 
Nothing to add.  
On Sunday things calmed down.  We had two things on.  Just two.  Yum Cha and a bush walk.  It was so much better.  I made the kids walk from Castle Rock to Cold Rock.  7.29km.

A bit of two wheeled assistance for the pocket rocket so she can make it to her ice-cream.  
I think it might be the time of year.  It's dark, it's cold, it's all a bit hard slog.

On the upside, I have quite a bit of work on, which is wonderful.  I just need to do it.  And I need to take it seriously and stop doing the fecking washing instead.

I need to do lists, daily plans, pomodoro technique, I need it all.  Tomorrow I'm going to try working in a cafe to see if it makes me more productive.  With no internet access.

It might also be a bit quieter.  Listening to the builders listen to Triple J has taken me back to my wild crazy and somewhat awkward youth, which is not always a good thing.  And of course there's the noise.

Speaking of noise, today's noise was brought to us by the gyprock sander.  Which was attached to a vaccuum cleaner.  So there was NO dust. Well hardly any.  Amazing.

And then tonight, one of the kids left a washing in the sink and the tap running.  Cue over flowing sink, soaking wet floor, leaking running down into newly gyprocked ceiling.  Unknown damage to tell builder about tomorrow and then tell husband when he returns from business trip.  Eeek!
The new living room.  With sanded gyprock.  Just waiting for a Jasper Lounge .
Wish me luck with the water thing, the cafe thing, the dust thing and the car pool thing.  I need all the help I can get.