Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The pros and cons of being home and away.

Small but homely.  And just a bit chilly. 
Things I like about being home.

1.  Pink dip (taramasalata) from my favourite deli/coffee shop.

2.  No-one tells me how they don't like noodles or how the fried rice doesn't taste like the one we have at home.

3.  I have my birds back.  I don't think they missed me at all.  But I'm glad to see them.

4.  My house has new windows, doors and back deck.

5.  I have my laptop back.

6.  I like where I live, and the people who live near me.  They are tops.

I don't particularly like the weather.  And the dust upstairs when we arrived home had to be seen to be believed.  One hour of solid dusting and a packet of dust cloths later and I'm back to a once a day habit.  

Things I miss about being away.

1.  Having staff.  I really would make an excellent expat.  Although deciding what to have for lunch and dinner every day can be tiring.  (tongue is in cheek here people).

2.  Being warm, all the time.  Continual warmness.  24/7.  

3.  Fifteen minute taxi rides that cost $5.

4.  G&Ts at 4:30pm.  Mojitos at lunch.   Satay sauce.

Mojito not shown. 
5.  Kids running around in swimmers all day laughing.  Kids lying peacefully for hours reading books.

6.  The people we went away with.  They are tops.

So yucky.  Maybe I have a phobia? 
I don't miss the monkeys at the monkey forest.  They are gross.  If I never see another monkey it will be too soon.