Monday, 15 July 2013

Various strange bits and pieces of life.

1. Today when I made my daily visit to the IGA (cauliflower, mushrooms, yoghurt, milk, Coke Zero), I noticed that you could purchase covers for cigarette packets.  You can't see the packets of ciggers themselves because they are locked behind concealing doors, but when you do see inside the cupboard it's pretty awful.

But hanging from the outside of the cabinet are these simple cardboard covers.  For 90c you can buy one for your cigarette packet.  Slide it over the box, and the horrendous picture vanishes.

90c.  Think of all the cost, the studies, the testing, the advertising, the committees to finally get those pictures on the packets.

And in the news last week, the UK has delayed it's plans to put pictures on their cigarette packets because they're waiting to see how it goes in Australia.

Possibly not so well if you can just buy a cover for less than $1.  If I still smoked I would.

After this, I think I might have seen everything.

2. Tonight we have no front door.  At no point of the reno have we looked more like a derelict house.  Just in time for the Coles Delivery to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  According to Chad our legend foreman, we should have a new front door by the time Coles is due but it depends on whether the mortar he's put around the new expanded door hole goes off or not.

Apparently we want it to go off.  It's the opposite of milk.  Once it goes off he can put the new door in, or something.

The back (and only) door to our house.  At least it now has glass.
3. Tomorrow school goes back.  I can now stop not getting any work done.  Or at least, I lose another excuse.  I have lots to do, and tight deadlines so there is no room for stuffing around and lack of confidence related procrastination.

It will be nice not to have Issy ask for food every ten minutes.  Although I'll probably miss her.  Which is just ridiculous.  I need to get a grip.

4. Today in the car the kids wanted me to speak another language.  So I sang the line from the French song:

"Voulez-vous cushe avec moi c'est soir".

Then I taught them how to sing it.  They asked what it meant.  So I said it's like when you ask for a sleepover.   If you see my children and they are singing this, please back me up.  And please forgive me if they teach it to yours.

So much for being culturally diverse.   I should have just taught them Frere Jacques.  Far out.

Cup song experts.
5. Speaking of singing, while in Bali we mastered the 'Cup Song' from Pitch Perfect.  Sarah and I can do the cup bit and sing (pretty much), Josh can do the cup bit and Issy just sings.

Mike goes into a different room.

We are very proud of our achievement and also pleased that we made such fabulous use of our spare time in Bali.  Luckily we were on holiday with a talented and highly qualified musical expert/genius who spent most of an afternoon teaching us all.

6. And finally.  I made cauliflower rice.  I minced up my cauli, fried it gently in a bit of spray oil and garlic and put it with my dinner and Mike's instead of rice.

And felt very virtuous.  You know, no carbs after 4pm and all.

Then I finished off the Maltesers from last night.