Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ode to a holiday (warning: extremely poor poem inside)

When my pedicure was still nice. 
The sunscreen has been returned to its winter location.

Because we've reached the end of our fabulous vacation.

The kids did swim, the sun did shine, the parents they did sit.

And sit and chat and sit and chat and chat and sit and sit.

And sometimes there was G&T and sometimes there was wine.

There was no need to cook or clean which we found mighty fine.

Now my summer dresses mock me as they hang upon the line.

And when in Ubud we did go upon a bicycle ride

Through busy villages and fields of rice on either side.

Two hours we rode, the kids were great

They all rode like champions whether 10 or 6 or 8

Rode for two hours.  Six years old.  Champion.  

Just before the bike ride.  They loved every minute.  

We tasted coffee harvested from the poo of a large cat

Very unimpressed cat.  Or is it a possum?
And ate delicious food (not cooked by us) until we became tremendously fat (well I did).

In Seminyak we spent some time at charming KuDeTa

And Potato Head did offer splendid cocktails from the bar

And when my darling husband decided to climb a volcano.

I quickly shouted No!

But then I let him go.  (And he returned safely).

And now we're back.  It's not so bad.

The house reno has progressed, and I'm only a tiny bit sad.

I miss our travel mates, the kids miss theirs.

Tons of happy memories shared.

The balcony of the second villa.  We spent hours here.  
Corny?  Absolutely!  Heartfelt?  Also yes.