Thursday, 17 May 2012

Car Pooling

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I am always car pooling.  Every day when I wake up, I take a few moments to remember what day it is and then I mentally drive everyone where they have to go, and home again.  Just to practice.  And mainly so I don't forget anyone.

I think the reason I am always so anxious about my car pooling responsibilities, is a constant fear of failing to collect someones child.  This did happen to me once. And once is more than enough, I can feel floods of angst and regret even as I write about it, 4 years later.  I was halfway down the Wakehurst Parkway, merrily on the way to a girlfriends house for afternoon tea, having volunteered (and then forgotten) to collect her four year old on my way past.  My dear friend rang me to enquire if I was anywhere near the preschool, because the staff wanted to go home and her child was the only one left.  I did a crazy u turn and screeched into the preschool car park 3 minutes later, but I've never forgotten, and I doubt my friend has either, even though she was very forgiving at the time.

At the moment my car pooling roster is:

Monday: gym
Tuesday: karate
Wednesday: tennis
Thursday: gym
Friday: wine (actually this isn't a car pool, I do this every week and need no roster to remember to do it)

The benefits of these sorts of arrangements are extensive, mainly because when it's not your turn you kick up your heels and partay, while someone else ferries your offspring around, and hopefully doesn't forget them.  I assume they are doing the same when it's my turn.

Apart from me, I don't know anyone who has forgotten a child but I can assure you, after my first early fail, I am a rock solid car pooler.

So here are my top tips for the ultimate car pooling success:

1. If you can remember, text during the day to confirm.  Even if you feel like stalker and you've been doing it for weeks.
2. Do a roster if you can and send it out on email.
3. Always advise as soon as you can if you can't fulfil your responsibilities eg. sickness, holiday etc.
4. No child left behind.

Surely someone out there has done it too?  Or am I alone in my negligence?  Anyone?