Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Domestic Sublime

Today I found two matching socks for odd ones in my odd sock stash.

If that isn't a moment of victory I don't know what is.  Finding one might put a smile on your face, but two!!!

I also put the winter doona on our bed which now looks all fluffy and inviting.  It mocks me every time I walk past because in my current slightly fluey state, all I want to do is climb in and sleep until Sunday.

Fat chance of that, hey people?
Mmm soft and fluffy.  And interesting wallpaper.  Thanks previous owners
I know, blue and red, not so good.  I am interiorly challenged. Sarah from a beach cottage I am not.  My only attempt at cohesion lies in hysterical splashes of red in every room (even if there's the wrong colour blue in it).  

I do enjoy looking at nice rooms in magazines and on pinterest, but I doubt I could ever create one, so I'll just depend on my most excellent friends who are talented.  You know who you are.  Prepare to be called upon when the time comes. 

And on a last note, leggings as pants?  Ok? Not Ok? What if you're nearly 5 and completely obstreperous.

Yes, that's backwards on the travelator at the Totem.  And I'm clearly not at all worried because I'm taking the photo.

That's all folks.  My last few posts have been a bit verbose, need to give youse guys a break.

Think today's world domination score is better than yesterday.  Maybe World 1, Me 1? A tie. Don't think I'm winning yet.

Ps.  Special thanks to Katy Abbott for the name of this post.