Sunday, 27 May 2012

Nemo has been found. In my hallway.

On Friday I had to take a fish home from school.  A big orange stripy, Nemo style fish...costume. 

Big, sequinny and extra shiny.  Hard to imagine.  So here is a photo.  

For Sarah's dance group.  For an act entitled: Gone Fishin'.  There are twelve fish and twelve fishermen.  The fish you see is just one of a series of sequin and colour combinations that would make your eyes pop, were you lucky enough to see the performance.  The fishermen wear green and orange overalls.  It's a fiesta of colour.  

Here is the fish, in action on the performer.  Our attractive green bathroom is in the background.  Classy.

Over the next four weeks she performs about 6 times in this costume.  I only hope something terrible doesn't happen to it in the meantime, because then I get to face the wrath of Mrs R the dance teacher. 

Oh lucky me.  

And to finish, completely off topic, is a picture of the view from Dobroyd Point this morning when I went for a run.  

To live about 500 metres from a view like this, blows my tiny little mind every time I see it.  I hope I never take it for granted.