Friday, 18 May 2012


Today I had the two school aged kids at home until 11am because the teachers were striking or meeting or something.  I think teachers are dreadfully underpaid for the amazing job they do, and I wasn't inconvenienced by the action, but I'm sorry for all working parents who were given another ball to juggle this morning.

But I digress.

I asked our fabulous babysitter Alex who is 18 and like all 18 year old boys? young men? funky hipster homies? not sure of correct terminology here and really am just embarrassing myself, is always keen for a bit of cash.  He came and hung out with the kids (threw them around the living room and watched Nickolodeon) for two hours while I did a run, and faffed about.

On reflection, I probably didn't need Alex to do that.  But he earned himself some beer money for tomorrow night.

Now I'll get to the point.

Sarah has a speech to perform next week in the public speaking competition held at her school.  The subjects are given to you, you pick one and prepare a three minute speech to present to the class. The two best in each class present to assembly and after that...welcome to the debating team.

The concept is excellent, it's the subjects that freak me out.  Here is a selection of topics my 8 year old can prepare a speech on.

Welcoming refugees
Every day is Harmony day
Multiculturalism at school
The Australian flag
Making a difference together
Sport brings people together

Can of worms anyone?

Seeing as Mike and I have had some of our biggest barnys over the first topic, I'd really like to see what's going on behind the scenes as parents try to "help" the kids write their speeches.  Or is that just our family?

While Sarah and I were discussing her topics, Alex (the babysitter-remember), put his two cents in and said they were the same ones he'd had to write on for his HSC!

What happened to Why I like panda bears or My favourite bird is the owl, or Joshie's winner from last year: My favourite game is Plants vs Zombies on Mum's ipad.

Sarah picked the first topic. Great.  So far, we've talked about boat people, Afghanistan, Somalia, people smugglers in Indonesia, desperation, loneliness and walking in other peoples shoes.  Because I'm a bolshie left winger.  And she hasn't written a word yet.  That's just her and I trying to get our heads around an enormous subject.  Mike will no doubt come home tonight and add his more right wing viewpoint into the mix.  And we'll probably have another barney.

I'm thinking we should perhaps pick "Sport brings people together" for her topic.  Less contentious?  Not quite as interesting, but I'm all for a quiet Friday night.