Thursday, 14 June 2012

How NOT to show gratitude, Issy style

Today we shopped for a great deal of crap food.  Sugar, salt, fat, you name it.  It's in this trolley. 

At the bottom are a watermelon, rockmelon and some grapes, but they're a bit hard to see due to all the crap on top.

After we shopped we went home and I started cooking.  I made little rice bubble bumble bee thingies.

I made a Dolly Varden birthday cake with a purple skirt.  Further decoration will occur tomorrow.    

Say Hi Dolly!!
I carefully organised all the crap food, for easy transportation to the scout hall for the disco party.

And turned a frighteningly large pile of $2 shop merchandise, kindly purchased by my joint birthday party thrower into 24 neat bags of party favours.  

And what did Issy do?  

Did she stay by my side at every moment, supporting and helping me? 

Of course not. Because she was busy elsewhere.  

Writing on the wall.  


Thanks Issy.  

I know she appreciates me, she just has a unique way of showing it.