Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My holy grail...I can almost touch it.

I am about to achieve one of parenting's most difficult achievements.

Something we wait for, plan for, dream about.

I've been working towards this for about 7 years.

So it's been a long time coming.

But finally, after much harassment, gentle encouragement and downright scheming, I am but weeks away from one of my personal parenting holy grail.

From the beginning of July, I very much hope, to have all three of my children attending swimming lessons ON THE SAME DAY AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I know.

Thrilling isn't it?

Now before you get too excited on my behalf, it hasn't happened yet, and nothing is allowed to happen until July, when the swim school will finally allow next year's school starters to move to afternoon classes.

But just the thought of very soon only having to drive to swimming once a week, instead of twice, and at its worst, three times a week, fills me with the greatest joy.  

Imagine.  Going to swimming just once a week.  It's been a while since I've been so excited about anything.

What a sad life I lead.