Sunday, 17 June 2012

Update from the dumpling lady.

It's been a big weekend.  What with the crazy disco dancers on Friday night.
Friends and family for dinner on Saturday night.
Sarah's first communion this morning.

I'm not particularly proud of my food and drink choices.  But I've had a great weekend.

Since Friday morning my main food group has been cake, followed closely by pastry.  I also consumed quite a bit of icing in a stressful way.

My main beverage has been champagne, followed a fair way back by coffee.

And the company I have kept has been first class.    

Now I'm not on any type of program or diet that requires me to keep a food diary but here it is, just in case:

Friday afternoon/evening: About six spoonfuls of icing, birthday cake, sushi mini rolls, pastry wands, a rice bubble bee thingie, a chocolate cupcake, brie, biscuits, olive dip, beetroot dip and several glasses of champagne.

Saturday morning: Festivities started early with a visit to the hospital to visit the newborn baby of some of our dearest friends.  More champagne at 11:30 am.  What can you say?  You have to wet the babies head don't you?  Three cruskits with taramasalata.

Saturday afternoon/evening: preliminary First communion dinner starting with pate, cheese, crackers, quite a lot more champagne, pork dumplings, beef burgingion (can't f**king spell it) made by my excellent husband, and caramel dumplings, made by my superb mother in law.  Oh and did I mention champagne?

Yes there were lots of dumplings.  And now, I resemble a dumpling.

Sunday morning: After Sarah's first communion we tucked into choc raspberry cake, choc croissants and...wait for  Thank God, it was too early for champagne.

The only vegetables which entered my body in the last 48 hours were some token carrots and broccolini we served with the beef.  These possibly counted for 1% of my total food intake for the day.

Michelle Bridges would be turning in her grave.  If she was dead. Which she isn't, and is likely to live far longer than I based on our comparative diets.

After morning tea was over I went for a run.  Mike and his folks took the kids for a bike ride up to the local park/oval, which I run around twice at the end of my normal circuit.  As I ran past the playground they saw me and shouted, screamed and waved.  I waved back and slogged on, noticing a bit of a spring in my step in what had so far been quite a dreadful, very sluggish and miserable run as I regretted every nasty piece of fat, sugar and salt I had recently ingested.

I ran around the eastern edge of the park which has the most incredible view of the heads and the harbour.  On a day like today with all the sailboats out, it's breathtaking.  No matter how tired you're feeling at this point you have to look, and you always feel better.

See, completely stunning.
Back around I went, past the park, where they were waiting for me.  Cheering and shouting and waving.  Begging me to stop and pay attention to them.  

My own private fan club.
And as I ran away from the playground I felt it again, that surge of energy.  And I realised it was the kids.  Just by jumping up and down like loony people.  Sending me love and shouting, they gave me energy, and got me running a bit faster.  Bless 'em.  

The view, while beautiful and capable of at least a distraction to a tired runner in bad need of detox, doesn't give out that same feeling. this afternoon I'm going out to lunch.  With the girls.  To drink some more...champagne.  

Disgusting isn't it?  I really need to find my off button.  I'll have a good look for it tomorrow.