Monday, 18 June 2012

The Claytons Blog Post.

I had a great blog post planned for today.

But then I got a bit consumed by some blog posts I'm editing for a legal firm.  Which is a nice change from being consumed by Facebook or reading Mrs Woog.

And I managed to cook dinner, comb out nits (ewww) and return the house to some sort of order after a bit of a wild weekend.  Everything seemed to be running smoothly.

Then I got into the car for the gym pick up and realised I had almost no petrol.

And I nearly left the house with no money either, which would have put me up s**t creek but I luckily grabbed my wallet before I ran out of petrol on Pittwater Road with 6 kids in the car at 8pm.

By the time I got everyone home and sorted, I foolishly started watching The Voice and eating chocolate in a sort of dazed stupor on the couch.

And by the time they dragged out the winner's announcement and I'd followed the #thevoiceau hashtag for an hour I'd managed to fritter away a goodly part of my blog writing time.

So there is no great blog post.  Just a list of pathetic excuses.  And a bit of opinion.

I'm glad Karise won The Voice.  She deserves for good stuff to happen to her.  And I guess Seal must really be as good as he has made us all think he is.

It's been an interesting ride.  A bit cheesy sometimes.  But fun.

So the really great blog post will have to wait until tomorrow.  I really hope it lives up to my expectations.  

Speaking of Claytons, whatever happened to it?  The beverage couldn't have been a commercial success because really, no-one wants to drink the drink they have when they're not having a drink, they just want a drink damn it!

The saying however, has lived far longer, at least for old codgers like me.