Thursday, 28 June 2012

Life is a mystery...everyone must stand alone.

I have no answers, only questions. 
Food mysteries

1. Why does sourdough bread taste so good on it's own and yet mysteriously compel you to put more and more butter on it until it's a heart attack in your hand?

2. Why is McDonald's so evil and yet, on a road trip, so convenient and unavoidable?  And why are McDonald's french fries so bloody tasty?

Household mysteries

3. Why does a child who 'never ever wets the bed' always do so the very night after you've boasted talked about this to someone.

4. Why does this always happen the night after you change the sheets?

5. Socks.  Laundry. Black hole. 'nuff said.

Shopping mysteries

6. Why, do I always forget one thing from the shopping list.  Even though it's written down plainly and I've checked it several times.

7. Why is the forgotten shopping list thing always something a bit obscure but entirely necessary, like toilet rolls, or washing powder, required me to go back to the shops again almost immediately?

8. Why can't I ever, ever enter a shop, whether Coles, IKEA or the bakery, without buying something I never intended to buy.  Often several things.  Occasionally, like today, a whole trolleyful.

9. Why can I buy a 3 pack pair of gorgeous high quality pjs online from an overseas shop for $30 but if I walk into an Australian department store, it's $30 for one pair?

Mysterious mysteries

10. Why do people try to win lotto?  The odds are appalling.  Face it people.